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green hair, swollen lips and lovebites are cool
lsirgey said: I'm generally concerned with your well being, you seem to be obsessing over justin beiber, other wise known as a pot smoking dickhead who tells everyone he loves them, even though half of his fans are 9 year old girls. I'm generally wondering if your alright, do you need some help? Because listening to music about guys wanting you to shake that booty is not going to make you feel better, please do me a quick favour and listen to Welcome To The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance. Then answer me.


I’m wondering if you’ve lost your fucking mind??? This is a NEWS SITE about Justin Bieber, keeping up with his whereabouts and public sightings. We don’t judge him for the things that the does in his private life, as they don’t directly affect us.

I OWN Welcome to the Black Parade. I own All of MCR’s albums and I love their music just like I love Justin. However- MCR’s music is about freedom and doing whatever the fuck you like, what makes you happy and not conforming to someone else’s idea of what they think you should be doing. So you probably picked the wrong band to try to shame me, and this news site with. 

Justin is allowed to like, love, dislike, or associate with whoever the fuck he seems fit to deal with. No one is making you listen to his music, or to troll the blogs who do and who support him. If you don’t like it, move the fuck around. I’m wondering if YOU are okay, a very obviously lost and confused little girl who is taking her lack of purpose in the world out on the rest of us for doing something we like to do, something that makes us happy. We do more than “shake that booty” (something I’m sure you’re not even capable of doing if you tried, because you’re wrapped so tightly in your wanna-be emo blanket that you can’t think or behave like a civil human being to others).

With that being said, please direct your ignorant comments to someone else’s inbox. It will not be tolerated here.

Also it’s 2014- I know damn well you know how to spell Bieber.

Now sit.


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